Fuller, Curtis

Fuller, Curtis

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

For many years Curtis Fuller was the publisher and editor of the popular Fate magazine. His wife Mary assisted him. The magazine originally had been founded by Fuller and Ray Palmer, who had been editor of Amazing Stories. Fuller bought the magazine outright from Palmer in 1955 and under his editorship, Fate expanded its range and coverage extensively, with a regular distribution of 100,000 copies.

Fate hit the newsstands in the spring of 1948 with a cover story by Kenneth Arnold, describing his UFO sighting in 1947. This story set the tone of Fate, which focused on unusual events and experiences. The story drew world attention to the fledgling magazine. In 1988, the Fuller family sold the magazine to Llewellyn Publications. In his farewell editorial Fuller wrote, “Our purpose throughout this long time has been to explore and to report honestly the strangest facts of this strange world—the ones that don’t fit into the general beliefs of the ways things are. All of us see the world distorted by our upbringing and our training. We hope that our perspectives have helped to expand your horizons and, more importantly, to help you understand that there are many realities that may be as valid as the ones that are familiar to us.”

In 1994, the familiar digest size of Fate was changed by Llewellyn to a full size, and full color was employed throughout. In 2001, Phyllis Galde took over the magazine, two years later returning it to its original digest size. In 2004, Galde Press bought Fate outright from Llewellyn and continues its publication.


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