fuller's earth

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fuller's earth,

mineral substance characterized by the property of absorbing basic colors and removing them from oils. It is composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia, and water, in extremely variable proportions, and is generally classified as a sedimentary clayclay,
common name for a number of fine-grained, earthy materials that become plastic when wet. Chemically, clays are hydrous aluminum silicates, ordinarily containing impurities, e.g., potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, or iron, in small amounts.
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. In color it may be whitish, buff, brown, green, olive, or blue. It is semiplastic or nonplastic and may or may not disintegrate easily in water. It was originally used in the fulling of wool to remove oil and grease but is now used chiefly in bleaching and clarifying petroleum and secondarily in refining edible oils. Fuller's earth is mined in many parts of the United States, Georgia and Florida being the leading producers, and in England near Reigate, Nutfield, and Bath. Before it can be used, it has to be crushed and dried.

fuller's earth

[¦fu̇l·ərz ¦ərth]
A natural, fine-grained earthy material, such as a clay, with high adsorptive power; consists principally of hydrated aluminum silicates; used as an adsorbent in refining and decolorizing oils, as a catalyst, and as a bleaching agent.

fuller’s earth

A naturally occurring earthy substance, somewhat similar to potter’s clay but lacking its plasticity; used as a poultice to remove stains from stonework on a building.
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