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1. a flash of lightning accompanying thunder
2. (in mythology) the destructive weapon wielded by several gods, esp the Greek god Zeus
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In mythology, a lightning flash accompanied by a material bolt or dart and which causes great damage; it is still used as a popular term for a single lightning discharge accompanied by thunder.
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A peripheral interface from Intel introduced in 2011. First used on a MacBook Pro laptop, Thunderbolt provides simultaneous transfer of DisplayPort graphics for the monitor and PCI Express data for storage and other devices. Thunderbolt 3 added USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity.

Up to six peripherals can be connected in a daisy chain, providing an expansive external interface over one port. However, computers generally have several Thunderbolt ports. See DisplayPort, PCI Express and USB.

Thunderbolt 4
In 2020, Thunderbolt 4 is expected to have the same speed as Thunderbolt 3 but also support USB 4. Following are the Thunderbolt generations, and each is backward compatible with the previous one. See Thunderbolt Display and Thunderbolt Bridge.
 DataTB       Rate   ---Interfaces---   Port Gen     (GBps)  DP    PCIe   USB   Type

 1 (2011)  10   v1.1a  v2 x4        mDP
 2 (2013)  20   v1.2   v2 x4        mDP
 3 (2015)  40   v1.2   v3 x4  3.1   USB-C
 4 (2020)  40   v1.3   v3 x4  4     USB-C

Mini DisplayPort (mDP)
Thunderbolt 1 and 2 use the Mini DisplayPort plug and socket; however, Thunderbolt 3 switched to USB-C (see USB Type C).

Thunderbolt on a Desktop Mac
Two of the six Thunderbolt ports are used on this 2nd-generation Mac Pro. The black cable delivers DisplayPort to the monitor, and the orange cable transfers data between an external drive over PCI Express. See Mac Pro.
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In March 2012, the court annulled the decisions affecting Fulmen and its chairman, and in April 2012 did the same for the decision against Kala Naft, holding that the Council had failed to present sufficient proof in support of their involvement in nuclear proliferation in Iran.
Life grows more tragic when, shortly after Niobe's death, Vorenus's children are snatched by vengeful local gang leader Erastes Fulmen (Lorcan Cranitch), who later reveals he's murdered them in revenge for all the wrongs Vorenus has done.
But even this concentrated poetry has lost its pungency; and passion the most maddening lies tranquil in boards, a brutum fulmen [dulled thunderbolt], on the bookseller's table.
He was sold by Fulmen Park as agent to Kulani Park Thoroughbreds.
They tell him, however, that his edict, his ukase, his decree, his firman, his venomous blow at the sacred liberty of white men to own black men is mere brutem fulmen, and a dead letter and a poison which will not work.
Housman(11) pointed out the absurdity of taking orsa deum in apposition to quis fulmen agat etc.
8.426-8: his informatum manibus iam parte polita / fulmen erat ...
For the stanza on the thunderbolts see Orsi in Baumgart, 96: "Quis tibi dat fulmen Farnesi?