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The firm has confirmed it's killing off its MacBook Air range in favour of a lower cost version of the new MacBook with traditional function keys.
The SpacePilot PRO automatically detects the active application and assigns appropriate function keys -- whether default or customized.
4" in both function key and touch screen version, with a 15" touch screen version, and with three options of pixel counts for high, very high and premier resolution.
To fully utilize those functions, a set of function keys and a display enable users to navigate through function menus.
The NVP 200 QC Series of DROs feature dedicated function keys, die cast casing, multiple datum memory, feature memory, fiber optic edge detection, automatic form recognition and linear and non-linear error correction.
The option of relegendable function keys provides the opportunity for performing specific tasks with specialized software.
I personally like one with the function keys on both the top and the left.
The user interface is full screen with user options available through function keys and pull-down menus arrayed on the top line of the screen.
Function keys are used to navigate the specialty procedure lists.
Function Keys: Function keys are the special "F" keys on the computer keyboard, labeled F1 through F10 or F12.
The keyboard may be color coded, or it may provide brief instructions to further show the relationship between key labels and the corresponding function keys on the keyboard.