Function Space

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function space

[′fəŋk·shən ‚spās]
A metric space whose elements are functions.

Function Space


a set of functions for which there is defined a notion of distance or, more generally, of proximity between any two functions. A function space is called linear if, along with any two elements f1 and f2 it contains all their linear combinations αf1, + βf2, where α and β are real or complex numbers. An example of a linear function space is the space C(a, b) of all continuous functions on the interval [a, b] with the distance p(f1, f2) between two functions being given by the formula

Function spaces are the most important concrete linear spaces studied in functional analysis. [28–388–1 ]

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The scope of the renovation project undertaken by McGowan Builders included the installation of a new Bar Beacon lounge in the 260-room luxury hotel, in addition to the installation of new corporate office and kitchen facility and function spaces in the lower level.
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The fundamental difference between the two disciplines is that facility caterers must consider the availabilities and best uses of their function spaces, which may be limited.
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Oasis West Realty LLC has now formally commenced the entitlement process with the City of Beverly Hills to master develop and further improve the site, while respecting the existing hotel tower, the successful public areas, the function spaces of the hotel, as well as its important westerly gateway location in the City of Beverly Hills.