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But then New York, as far back as the mind of man could travel, had been divided into the two great fundamental groups of the Mingotts and Mansons and all their clan, who cared about eating and clothes and money, and the Archer-Newland- van-der-Luyden tribe, who were devoted to travel, horticulture and the best fiction, and looked down on the grosser forms of pleasure.
Spaces of PSL(2,C)-representatives of fundamental groups of surfaces of negative Euler characteristic are natural objects upon which mapping class groups and related automorphism groups act, they say, and arise as deformation spaces of (possibly singular) locally homogeneous geometric structures on surfaces.
Its members are more than 3 million (aside from other Hindu fundamental groups), and are trained in armed combat readying themselves against threat posed by Muslims and other minorities in India.
He said these two fundamental groups of rights should not be treated differently.
Watson, On L-spaces and left-orderable fundamental groups, Math.
Explosive force conditions the performance in artistic gymnastics by its major implications in the realization of artistic elements belonging to certain fundamental groups and which also contrive the difficulties for which bonuses are granted (Grigore, 2002)
The government wanted to adjourn the issue as the 2019 elections are around the corner and they do not want to disturb any of the Hindutva or fundamental groups. It will depend on the Supreme Court, by this month it will come to a conclusive decision.
The Fadell-Husseini method, as described in [1] and in [2], is applied to closed surfaces with one-relator fundamental groups. By using zero as the trace in dimension two, the same method can be applied to the spaces considered by Wagner.
Brekhus makes his argument by considering the theoretical implications of empirical studies of five fundamental groups of cognitive processes: 1) perception, attention, and framing, 2) classification, categorization and boundary work, 3) meaning-making, metaphor and frames of meaning, 4) identity construction, 5) memory and time.
Today the situation is similar but much more divisive with Lebanese deputies split between two fundamental groups, each with their own agenda.
The spread of fundamental Islamic practices, including strict dress codes for women (in particular), and the proliferation of Mosques belonging to these fundamental groups, is a red rag to elements of other communities, in particular to those within the Sinhala Buddhist community.

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