Funeral Urn

Urn, Funeral


(also cinerary urn), a ceramic, stone, or, more rarely, metal vessel for the cremated remains of the dead.

Funeral urns have been used by most peoples; they were first used by many tribes during the Aeneolithic and were widespread among the ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and other peoples. Usually, everyday vessels or similar such vessels were used as funeral urns. Face urns, with schematic representations of human faces on the neck or lid, appeared at the end of the third millennium B.C. Sometimes funeral urns were in the shape of a dwelling (for example, the urns of the Villanovan culture in northern Italy at the beginning of the first millennium B.C.) or of a human figure (among the Etruscans). The urns were often placed in flat graves, without mounds (for example, the Urnfield culture). In ancient Rome, urns containing the ashes of ancestors were kept in the homes of relatives or descendants or in columbaria.

References in classic literature ?
post-Elizabethan) by having his picture painted as he stood wrapped in his shroud on a funeral urn.
He retraced his steps thoughtfully along the causeway to the banks of the lake, and sat down on the stone steps between the two sculptured funeral urns.
Jamison is the Springfield man who attracted international attention when he sold advertising space on his funeral urn.
The embarrassment is evident in some literary critics' endeavor to upgrade the urn, notably into a funeral urn, a move which finds no support in the poem, (5) but provides the opportunity for the critic to enrich the poem with ponderous thoughts on death and transitoriness, or with a plethora of symbolic lore.
Among the pieces are a skull with one staring eye, several large flat faces and a funeral urn.
But she was conscious of the funeral urn down in the cargo section, packed among mailbags and bicycles and a drugged sheepdog in a cage.
Mishaps include a dodgy toilet and a fragile funeral urn.
There were also ashes and a funeral urn left on a window sill at Peterborough Travelodge and a Santa's grotto, complete with decorations, lights, Christmas tree and even model reindeer, found in Nuneaton, Staff believe the grotto was put up by a couple who wanted to celebrate Christmas in their room.
Ms Cheema said: "He purchased and filled a funeral urn with wood he had burnt on his barbecue for the purpose.
Jamison understands that some people may find selling ads on a funeral urn to be macabre or in bad taste, and he's OK with that.
A comedy assault course featuring a misfiring toilet, a fragile funeral urn and a psychotic cat.