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In this and other ways, the changes in funeral rites both reflected and contributed to the broader social transformations of early-modern Europe.
A "robot priest" adorned with Buddhist robes and a hi-resolution tablet is now programmed to perform funeral rites for less cost than a human.
Colonel Nwachukwu also stated that in tandem with the traditions of the Armed Forces, Fallen heroes are duly honoured and paid the last respect in befitting military funeral of international standard, featuring funeral parade, grave site oration, solemn prayers for the repose of departed souls by Islamic and Christian clerics, as well as gun salutes, aside other military funeral rites.
Following the decision, the diocese will only conduct funeral rites for its members during weekdays."We recognise and appreciate our political leaders but we have been getting interference from politicians and funerals have been losing religious value as they are turned into political rallies.
A large number of writers, poets and people from other walks of life attended the last funeral rites of the deceased who had to his credit award-wining Hindko language books and was a member of the several literary and cultural organisations.
He made this known at the final funeral rites for the late actor, who used the Ga language as the main medium of acting at a time most TV shows were in English.
House Speaker Bhofal Chambers risks being complained here before traditional leaders to face inquiry for his failure to attend a Church funeral rites of his fallen kinsman, Montserrado County District #15 Rep.
He said: "Bishop Toal is simply restating instructions which apply universally on Funeral Rites, which clearly state that a homily should not be a eulogy.
The lawmaker equally pointed out that the law seeks to protect poor masses from the exploitations of the rich and mighty upon the death of their loved ones, noting that the rich most times subject poor masses to excruciating financial conditions in the guise of helping them perform funeral rites for their bereaved family members.
'For the time being, families of the two deceased took the bodies to their hometowns for funeral rites, after which they will return to negotiate with the house owner about compensation,' he said.
The initiators of the draft law propose to introduce restrictions during official and corporate events, family holidays, funeral rites and mourning.
While the reason behind Kajal's decision to kill herself remained unclear, her body was brought to her family home in Karnataka for the funeral later that day. During the funeral rites, Kajal's relatives blamed  her husband for her suicide and beat him with wooden logs, killing him. Raju's brother, who reportedly intervened to help the man, was also injured in the incident.