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The causal agent of corn smut disease, Ustilago maydis, Is one of the best-established model organisms for fungal genetics.
They cover fungal branches on the eukaryotic tree of life; life of fungi; fungal ecology; how fungi sense their environments; fungal genetics and genomics as models for biology; fungal interactions with plants: impact on agriculture and the biosphere; fungi and the human host; fungal interactions with animals (fungi, insects, and nematodes) and with other microbes; and fungi: technology and natural products.
Epidemiologic evidence among bats and fungal genetics indicate that the fungus has been recently introduced into North American bat populations (5-7).
Strains from this library are available from the Fungal Genetics Stock Center (McCluskey 2003).
The study is published in Fungal Genetics and Biology.
The contributions present results using traditional and novel biological tools to study fungal genetics in laboratory and natural settings.
All the four mutant strains were obtained from Fungal Genetics Laboratory, School of Biology, University of St Andrews, UK.