Fur and Rabbit Farming, Institute of

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Fur and Rabbit Farming, Institute of


(full name, Scientific Research Institute of Fur and Rabbit Farming), the scientific coordinating center for fur and rabbit farming in the USSR. The Institute of Fur and Rabbit Farming is located in the settlement of Rodniki, Ramenskoe Raion, Moscow Oblast. It deals with questions concerning the breeding, feeding, and maintenance of fur-bearing animals, as well as disease prevention and treatment.

Organized in 1932, the institute has (1974) departments devoted to the breeding of fur-bearing animals in captivity (with a separate department for rabbit breeding), the biology of fur-bearing animals, nutrition, veterinary science, and economics. There is a department for the distribution of information about achievements and advanced experimentation in fur and rabbit farming and their implementation. The institute has a laboratory dealing with commercial aspects of fur and rabbit farming, an office of information, an experimental design bureau, and an experimental production farm.

The institute has a graduate program; correspondence courses are available. Since 1935 the institute has published Trudy (Transactions).

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