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A sugar whose cyclic or ring structure resembles that of furan.



a ring-shaped monosaccharide containing a five-member furan ring. Unlike the six-member (pyranose) form, fu-ranoses are less stable and for most monosaccharides exist only in aqueous solutions and in substantially smaller quantities than pyranoses. The tendency to form a furanose ring is clearly visible, for example, in fructose, which in furanose form is also a component of many oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, such as inu-lin. Most of the monosaccharides in glycosides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides have the pyranose form. Glycosides in which the sugar part is represented by furanoses are called furanosides.

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However, these results directly indicate that the degradation of CH in the aromatic skeletal region due to lignin and the degradation of CH in the furanose (or pyranose) region due to hemicellulose contributed to the yellowing of the wood samples.
1) are a novel class of bicyclic DNA analogs in which the 2' and 4' positions in the furanose ring are joined via an O-methylene (oxy-LNA), S-methylene (thio-LNA), or amino-methylene (amino-LNA) moiety (20-24).
Thus, the enzyme transferring arabinose in furanose form or glucuronic acid to the flavonols may be missing or not functioning in all clones.