Furnas Dam

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Furnas Dam,

c.390 ft (120 m) high, at the junction of the Rio Grande and Sapucaí rivers, SE Brazil, in Minas Gerais state; completed 1962. It has a 620-sq mi (1,606-sq km) reservoir. It includes large hydroelectric facilities and is the center of an extensive regional electrical grid serving the industrial centers of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte.
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and the phytoplanktonic community of the furnas reservoir (Brazil).
The fish farm is located on the left bank of the River Grande, some 2 km from FURNAS reservoir, which provides water to the fish farm.
In a study of textile effluents that are released into a tributary of Furnas reservoir in Alfenas-MG, was found cytogenotoxicity activity of these samples (Alvim et al.
Furnas Reservoir is located in the Grande River basin in southern Minas Gerais; its north arm is represented by the Grande River, and the south arm by the Sapucai River.
were abundant in the zooplankton community in Furnas Reservoir, an oligotrophic system (46[degrees]19'W and 20[degrees]40'S), during the period between August 2006 and July 2007.
Nevertheless, Ceratium furcoides, a very similar species to Ceratium hirundinella, was recorded at first time in the hydroelectricity power plant at Furnas Reservoir, MG, Brazil, by Santos-Wisniewski et al.
Furnas Reservoir is located in the Rio Grande basin, near the Southern border of the State of Minas Gerais (46[degrees] 19'W and 20[degrees] 40'S), Brazil.