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2) is the oldest unit in the Meguma terrane, and spans the early Cambrian (Terreneuvian) to the early Furongian (White et al.
The Halifax Group spans the Furongian to Lower Ordovician (Fig.
Above, the successions both comprise anoxic, organic-rich turbidites of Furongian (Cambrian Series 4) age, shallowing upward into paler, Early Ordovician mudstone and siltstone that contain the graptolite Rhabdinopora flabelliformis flabelliformis.
Phinney 1961; Schenk 1970), is overlain by the finer-grained Halifax Group, of Furongian (late Cambrian) to Early Ordovician age (White et al.
In the South, Sub-polar and Polar Urals the sequence has its base in the alleged upper Furongian.
According to Bogolepova & Gee (2004), the Khmelev Regional Stage in the South Urals includes the upper Furongian Cordylodus proavus Zone, whereas the Kidryas Regional Stage corresponds to the lower Tremadocian (Fig.
The Upper Cambrian Ulgase Formation, Cambrian, Furongian (previously Upper Cambrian), is exposed in a wall of abandoned mineworks (59[degrees]29'21"N, 25[degrees]05'08"E) in a phosphorite mine that was exploited during 1921-1938.
During the Furongian and the Cambrian-Ordovician transition, the Baltica palaeocontinent was located on the southern hemisphere, presumably at the southern latitudes 20-40[degrees] (Cocks & Torsvik 2005).
2008) System Series Regional Stage Ordovician Upper Uhaku Lasnamagi Aseri Kunda Volkhov Lower Billingen Hunneberg Pakerort Cambrian Furongian Terreneuvian Dominopol' Lontova Ediacaran Kotlin System Lithology Thickness, m Ordovician Limestone, marlstone 0-16 Limestone 0-9 Limestone 2-3 Limestone 6-9 Limestone, dolostone 2-3 Limestone, sandstone 0.
Akmolina olentensis Popov & Holmer, 1994, Cambrian, Furongian, Kujandy Formation, Aksak-Kujandy Mountain, northeastern Central Kazakhstan.
Furongian linguliform brachiopods from the Alborz Mountains, Iran.