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But, as Furphy shows well, Curr had other ambitions and the energy and self-belief to carry them through.
In addition to its justification of dispossession, Furphy shows how the book was an attempt by Curr to relive his family's glory days when he was a landed gentleman, before drought and other disasters had reduced him to taking up public office.
In the summer of 1962 he moved to Workington where he played under legendary manager Ken Furphy and 34 goals in 121 games convinced Bury to sign him in 1966.
From Diageo-Guinness USA: Ty Gilmore, Vice President of Sales West, and Kevin Furphy, Sales Director, California.
This response is informed by a great opinion piece by our strategies director Charles Berger The Sovereign Risk Furphy, which you can read at www.
In addition to his wife of 61 years, he leaves a son, Paul Furphy of Milford; two daughters, Virginia Giuliani of Upton and Christine Normandin of Happy Valley, Alaska; a sister, Marion Cucchi of Clinton; three grandchildren and a great-grandson.
A: The funniest word in the English language is fartlek (an athletic training regime); other funny words include furphy, pratfall, parp and firkin.
At the end of the evening I spoke to him about Joseph Furphy on whom I was writing my honours long essay.
Michelle Furphy delivered their paper, An Exercise in Surveying a Non-universally Defined Group in the Population: The Northern Ireland Survey of Activity Limitation and Disability.
Earlier Aussie yarn-spinners such as Joseph Furphy (1843-1912) who wrote in a decidedly "Shandean" vein have not been afforded access to a metropolitan readership.
Special thanks to Joe Furphy for his regular Water Cart column and to Syd Wigzell for his regular book reviews.
In particular, Furphy was admired on the political Left.