further education

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further education

(in Britain) formal education beyond school other than at a university or polytechnic

Further Education (FE)

in England the sector of post-compulsory education now supported by the Further Education Funding Council (FEFC) but excluding HIGHER EDUCATION, sixth form colleges and INDEPENDENT SECTOR providers. Teaching is at a range of levels, including unaccredited courses, basic skills and level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications; and includes vocational, work-based, academic and leisure learning. The blurring of boundaries between FE and HE, particularly as result of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, has resulted in some FE colleges providing HE courses. The latter reflects the move to MASS HIGHER EDUCATION.
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Andy Preacher, group head of people and culture at Insure The Box, said: "For many young people university simply isn't an option, which is why the Insure The Box Further Education scheme is so popular.
Nonetheless, if Schulz' proposals focus on further education programs, how effective are such programs in helping an unemployed person find work?
GO TO YOUR LOCAL COLLEGE There are two types of college - Sixth Form college and further education college.
62% of our Further Education learners and 80% of Work-based learners across the Grwp, said they were provided with opportunities to learn through the medium of Welsh.
Keynote: Marina Gaze HMI, Deputy Director for Further Education and Skills, Ofsted
Sir Geoff, who picked up his honour at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace last week, said: "The fact I received a knighthood for services to further education and skills is a real indication of the growing importance of the sector, as well as a huge honour for me.
He served as principal of New College Nottingham for nearly eight years, a role which he left last July to become chairman of the Information Authority, a body which oversees data collection in further education.
NEPA is available to service the print requirements of higher and further education purchasing groups in the UK.
However, a conventional method of further education doesn't have to be the only option.
But the expansion was greeted with concern by the University and College Union (UCU) representing academic staff in further education colleges and universities.
Kevin Brennan, cabinet member for Further Education, was given the demonstration when he visited North Warwickshire and Hinckley College for an event to showcase the best uses of digital technology He said: "I am delighted to see the way that digital technology is embraced as a means of enhancing students' learning experience.

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