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A condition marked by numerous furuncles, or the recurrence of furuncles following healing of a preceding crop.



the appearance of multiple furuncles on a circumscribed portion of skin (local furunculosis) or at different sites (general furunculosis). Local furunculosis is usually due to incorrect treatment of a furuncle and the subsequent spread of staphylococci to the surrounding skin. General furunculosis may be caused by a metabolic disorder, for example, diabetes mellitus, vitamin-A or vitamin-C deficiency, or exhaustion. The course of the disease is usually protracted and marked by recurrences. Treatment is mainly systemic and may include autohemotherapy, the administration of antibiotics or antistaphylococcal gamma globulin, the prescription of a special diet, and treatment of the primary disease.

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The frequent recovery of staphylococcal isolates that produce leukocidal toxins from patients with deep skin soft tissue infections, particularly furunculosis, cutaneous abscesses, severe necrotizing pneumonia, and even UTIs, suggests that the Panton-Valentine leukocidin (PVL) is a virulence factor that has a major role in pathogenicity [7-14].
Signs of furunculosis include darkening of the skin of affected fish as well as large boils and lesions.
Use of dead probiotic cells to control furunculosis in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum).
2) patients, the pruritus and bacterial infections, of which cellulitis in 3 (50%) cases, furunculosis in 2 (33.
During this time, a highly contagious fish disease called furunculosis plagued the nation's trout industry.
Los siguientes tambien son diagnosticos diferenciales: otitis externa bullosa, policondritis recidivante, pericondritis, condritis, furunculosis y gran variedad de dermatosis.
The effects of lactic-acid bacteria against furunculosis caused by Aeromonas salmonicida were related by Gildberg and Mikkelsen (1998) in Atlantic cod Gadus morhua and by Nikoskelainen et al.
Protection of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from furunculosis by Lactobacillus rhamnosus.
2001) reportaron que el antagonismo in vitro de Pseudomonas fluorescens (Cepa AH2) no mostro proteccion contra la furunculosis causada por Aeromonas salmonicida en cultivos de salmon del Atlantico, sin embargo resulto un efectivo probiotico contra vibriosis en el cultivo de trucha arcoiris.
La furunculosis es la presentacion clinica mas frecuentemente reportada, causada por invasion directa y destraccion tisular.
It causes superficial skin lesions such as boils, styes and furunculosis with more serious infections such as pneumonia, mastitis, phlebitis, meningitis, and urinary tract infections; and deep-seated infections, such as osteomyelitis and endocarditis.
The first patient was undergoing treatment for a nasal furunculosis when the abscess was identified.