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common name for the Onagraceae, a family of plants of worldwide distribution, most species of which grow as herbs in the temperate New World, and specifically for members of the genus Oenothera.
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Tangy fuchsia flowers make a beautiful garnish and have a slightly acidic flavor. Wild colors and graceful shape make it ideal as garnish. The berries are also edible.
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a genus of shrubs or small trees of the family Onagraceae. The leaves are opposite, verticillate, or—less commonly—alternate. The flowers are borne by long, drooping peduncles; they are solitary or in racemose inflorescences. The ovary is inferior. The four-lobed calyx is white, pink, or red, and the four-or five-lobed corolla is red, violet, pink, or white. The eight stamens and styles of the ovary protrude far out of the corolla. The fruits, which are berries, are edible in some species.

There are approximately 100 species, native mainly to Central and South America. There are also several New Zealand and Ta-hitian species. Many species, including F. magellanica, F. coccinea, and F. corymbiflora, have been under cultivation since the late 18th and early 19th centuries. More than 2,000 hybrid varieties have been produced, including many with double flowers of various colors. Fuchsias, especially trailing varieties, are used to decorate rooms and balconies. In subtropical regions the plants are cultivated in the open ground.


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1. any onagraceous shrub of the mostly tropical genus Fuchsia, widely cultivated for their showy drooping purple, red, or white flowers
2. a North American onagraceous plant, Zauschneria californica, with tubular scarlet flowers
a. a reddish-purple to purplish-pink colour
b. (as adjective): a fuchsia dress
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An upcoming operating system from Google that will run on all devices from mobiles to desktops. Pronounced "fyoo-sha," Fuchsia is expected to combine the best features of embedded and desktop operating systems. Embedded systems are designed for small-footprint, real-time response, while a desktop OS is created to handle large programs and multiple simultaneous tasks. As a product designed from scratch, there are also no intellectual property or licensing issues. The name is a pink-purple color that comes from the fuchsia plant. See Google.
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