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Deposition of coal and oil shale in NE China: The Eocene Huadian Basin compared to the coeval Fushun Basin.
Yufeng Cong, Liaoning Shihua University, Liaoning Fushun, Fushun 113001, China
To test our DLM-LSTM framework, a spatial-temporal distributed low-cost latitude time series (LCLTS) dataset is constructed using deployed wireless GPS sensors on both the moving southern slope of the Fushun Western Open-Pit Coal Mine (FWOCM) and the static comparative field in Baoxie, Wuhan, China.
Education authorities in Fushun said the class had been launched without authorisation and would be stopped immediately, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
Video from the Fushun school surfaced last week on a website called ( Video Pear , which showed footage of women crying and apologizing for "wrongful deeds," ( the South China Morning Post reported .
In this paper, the experiments was conducted to study the effect of time and temperature on the oil shale crack using the oil shale from the open-pit oil shale mine of Fushun, Liaoning province, China.
This RCT was conducted in four clinical collaborative centers of Beijing Tongren Hospital: Handan 3rd Hospital (Hebei Province, China), Anyang Eye Hospital (Henan Province, China), Fushun Eye Hospital (Liaoning Province, China), and the Chenzhou Eye and Optometry Center (Hunan Province, China).
School of Information and Control Engineering, Liaoning Shihua University, Fushun, Liaoning 113001, China
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Dandong file, fushun, huludao, benxi, liaoyang, six city on the second principal component Factor (2) the value greater than 0, suggests six city "tourism revenues accounted for the proportion of the tertiary industry, the tourism industry location 0entropy" index data is higher than the entire province average level, especially the value of 2.1113 dandong in Factor 2, show that the tourism industry status is higher.
degree in School of Computer and Communication Engineering from Liaoning Shihua University, Fushun, liaoning, P.