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in physics. 1 The change of a substance from the solid to the liquid state, also known as melting. The heat given up by a unit mass of a substance during fusion is called the latent heatlatent heat,
heat change associated with a change of state or phase (see states of matter). Latent heat, also called heat of transformation, is the heat given up or absorbed by a unit mass of a substance as it changes from a solid to a liquid, from a liquid to a gas, or the
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 of fusion. See also melting pointmelting point,
temperature at which a substance changes its state from solid to liquid. Under standard atmospheric pressure different pure crystalline solids will each melt at a different specific temperature; thus melting point is a characteristic of a substance and can be used
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. 2 The combining of two light atomic nuclei to form a single heavier nucleusnucleus,
in physics, the extremely dense central core of an atom. The Nature of the Nucleus

Atomic nuclei are composed of two types of particles, protons and neutrons, which are collectively known as nucleons.
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, with the release of energy. See nuclear energynuclear energy,
the energy stored in the nucleus of an atom and released through fission, fusion, or radioactivity. In these processes a small amount of mass is converted to energy according to the relationship E = mc2, where E is energy, m
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; hydrogen bombhydrogen bomb
or H-bomb,
weapon deriving a large portion of its energy from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes. In an atomic bomb, uranium or plutonium is split into lighter elements that together weigh less than the original atoms, the remainder of the mass
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; cold fusioncold fusion
or low-temperature fusion,
nuclear fusion of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, at or relatively near room temperature. Fusion, the reaction involved in the release of the destructive energy of a hydrogen bomb, requires extremely high temperatures, and
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(fyoo -zhŏn) See nuclear fusion.



in linguistics, a means of combining a stem with an affix, in which the nature of the stem is determined by the nature of the affix, or vice versa. Fusion is distinct from agglutination, which lacks such a dependence. Since the degree of dependence can vary, one may speak of the degree of fusion, which is inversely proportional to the degree of agglutination.

Fusion is said to be minimal when the affix determines only the class of the stem; for example, the Russian suffix -ost’ (“-ness”) requires an adjectival stem. Fusion is termed maximal when the combination of stem and affix influences the selection of a particular morph for the stem or for the affix, in both inflection and word formation. In inflection, compare Russian vid-ish’ (“you see,” sing.) with vizh-u (“I see”) and id-esh’ (“you are going,” sing.); compare Greek π∈πoμφ-α (“I sent,” perf.) with π∈μπ-ω (“I send”). In word formation, compare English “depth” and “deep.” The term “fusion” is often used only to designate the latter phenomenon, that is, maximal fusion. Languages in which inflected forms are formed by means of fusion are called fusional languages.


(nuclear physics)
Combination of two light nuclei to form a heavier nucleus (and perhaps other reaction products) with release of some binding energy. Also known as atomic fusion; nuclear fusion.
(physical chemistry)
A change of the state of a substance from the solid phase to the liquid phase. Also known as melting.


In welding, the melting together of filler metal and base metal, or of the base metal alone, which results in coalescence.


2. a coalition of political parties or other groups, esp to support common candidates at an election
3. Psychol the processing by the mind of elements falling on the two eyes so that they yield a single percept


Software package supplied by Network Research Corporation claiming to connect various different configurations of LAN.


A program transformation where a composition of two functions is replaced by in-lining them and combining their bodies. E.g.

f x = g (h x) ==> f x = g (2 * x) g x = x + 1 f x = 2 * x + 1 h x = 2 * x

This has the beneficial effect of reducing the number of function calls. It can be especially useful where the intermediate result is a large data structure which can be eliminated.

See also vertical loop combination.


The following "Fusion" products are in this encyclopedia:
Product         Type of Software VMware Fusion      Mac Virtual Machine

   ColdFusion         Web authoring

   NetObjects Fusion  Web authoring

   FOCUS Fusion       OLAP database

  Product         Type of Hardware AMD Fusion         CPU + GPU chip

   Fusion Drive       Mac HD/SSD drive

   Apple A series     Apple A10 processor
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DELTA] = prism diopter, CISS = Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey, exo = exophoria, NFV = negative fusional vergence, NPC = near point of convergence, PFV = positive fusional vergence, VSAT = Visual Search and Attention Test.
Among these oculomotor dysfunctions are reduced fusional amplitude ranges, abnormal vertical and lateral phorias, convergence insufficiency, diplopia with reduced recovery capability, fixation deficits, nystagmus, inadequate visual pursuit, reduced saccadic velocity, and accommodative deficiencies [3-7,10-11].
Starting from scenario data, the fusional computation of data, knowledge and model which based on knowledge unit network reasoning integrates data, knowledge and model dynamically to realize the dynamic simulation of industrial safety management.
The a-ethical version, with its formless ontological feeling, could equally well exemplify fusional mysticism or pantheism in which any self can equally fuse with all others.
The therapists' approach expresses the fusional fantasy of romance, love, devotion, nurturance, and commitment; the joys of mutual pleasure; and the dissolving of personal boundaries and individual loneliness in an achieved oneness.
The second distinctive fusional forms in tables 7 and 8 are the 'stem' partitive plurals (PART2) maju, koridore, 'lippe and ridu.
Similarly to phonological words, grammatical words convey more information along a vertical dimension, with words aligning along more fusional than concatenative morphological parameters.
Figures 1 and 2 show the characteristics of the industrial metal welding machine used as well the fusional shift and force applied to the two pieces of wood during welding.
The relationship between hypnotist and patient entails a fusional or archaic element that differs from the psychoanalytic concept of transference (Chertok, 1982; Diamond, 1987; Shor, 1962).
with close junctures, This can be considered a shift from fusional to agglutinative type of morphology because certain meaning element is abstracted and agglutinated to the word.
We instinctively measure all other forms of intimacy against the fusional bliss eating (momentarily) provides.
Fusional vergence movements place the target on corresponding retinal points (eg, the fovea) in both eyes so that the image "fuses" or is seen as one object.