Futa Jallon

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Futa Jallon:

see Fouta DjallonFouta Djallon
or Futa Jallon
, highland region, c.30,000 sq mi (77,700 sq km), central Guinea, W Africa. Largely a rolling grassland (average alt. c.3,000 ft/910 m), the region is grazed by cattle of the Fulani. The Niger, Senegal, and Gambia rivers rise there.
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, region, Guinea.
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Futa Jallon was one of the most important theocratic states to emerge in the eighteenth century (Barry, p.
The biggest is the Fatala, flowing down from the slopes of the Futa Jallon.
In addition, the Futa Jallon had become the obligatory route for slave traders from the Upper Niger (Kankan).
If you study the history of ECOWAS, from Futa Jallon Highland to The Gambia, Cote de D' Ivoire, down to Gold Coast and the area called Nigeria, you will notice the variables of intermingling and inter relationship which is now on the threshold of being extricated either by the vicissitude of religion and politics or by sheer failure of ourselves not taking the advantage of our advantages.