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where II>> is FWHM and w is the electron impact parameter which can be obtained corresponding to different plasma temperatures.
They showed a similar increase and decrease in the FWHM character as well as an increase in the width of the peak that was remineralized for 1 day at the value of 580.
In addition, the TTP for the manual ROI was found to be longer than that for the other two methods while the FWHM for the surrounding tissue is smaller than that for the other two methods.
Further data processing is conducted as follows: several data points near the nominal peak are parabolic fitted to get the finer resolving peak wavelength and the corresponding maximum response; then a superposition integral of the SRF over the horizontal wavelength coordinate is performed, while the wavelength coordinate may be not linear as it is nonlinearly inverse mapped from the computing grid; finally, the effective FWHM is obtained by dividing the throughput of the SRF by the maximum response.
From the last expression it is obvious that the power spectral density has a Gaussian shape and the FWHM can be expressed as follows:
Results shows that optical notch filter FWHM bandwidth and depth affect the converted PRZ pulses.
Considering that full width at half maximum for each peak is related to the standard deviation by the expression, FWHM [approximately equal to] 2.
The company added that it was able to produce high performance tetrapod quantum dots and other materials with exacting quality control resulting in uniform structure and tuned narrow emission FWHM with its new automating production system.
First, we analyze the dependence of the FWHM and DOF on the annulus ratio of the annular aperture illumination under the focusing condition with an oil lens of NA = 1.
Sin embargo, los QDs de CdSe/ MCE se descartaron dado que no se tenia suficiente informacion como el PL-QY%, y el FWHM del espectro PL.