Görgey, Arthur

Görgey, Arthur

(gör`gĕĭ), 1818–1916, Hungarian revolutionary general. He fought the Austrians in 1848–49 as a commander of the Hungarian republican army and distinguished himself as a strategist. He captured Buda (May, 1849), but when Russia sent aid to the Austrians, Görgey decided to surrender to the Russians rather than continue a lost cause. He forced Louis KossuthKossuth, Louis
, Hung. Kossuth Lajos, 1802–94, Hungarian revolutionary hero. Born of a Protestant family and a lawyer by training, he entered politics as a member of the diet and soon won a large following.
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, with whom he had often differed, to resign. Görgey was interned in Austria until 1867.
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Görgey, Arthur


Born Jan. 30, 1818, in Toporcz, Szepes Comitat; died May 21, 1916, in Visegrád. Hungarian military leader; participant in the Revolution of 1848-49.

Görgey began his military service in 1832 in the Austrian Army. In March 1849 he became the commander in chief of the Hungarian national army; in May 1849 he was named minister of war. He opposed the further extension of the revolution and strove for an agreement with the Hapsburgs. A group of reactionary officers and the so-called Peace Party rallied around him. He became dictator after the resignation of L. Kossuth on Aug. 11, 1849, and began negotiations with I. F. Paskevich on the surrender of the Hungarian Army. On the intercession of Nicholas I he was pardoned and sent to live in Austria. After 1867 he lived in Hungary.


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