Magnus Gösta Mittag-Leffler

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Mittag-Leffler, Magnus Gösta


Born Mar. 16, 1846, in Stockholm; died July 7, 1927, in Djursholm, near Stock-holm. Swedish mathematician.

Mittag-Leffler studied at the University of Uppsala, receiving the Ph.D. degree in 1872. In 1877 he was appointed a professor at the University of Helsingfors, and in 1881 at the University of Stockholm. In 1882 he founded Acta mathematica, one of the most important mathematical journals. Mittag-Leffler was instrumental in having S. V. Kovalevskaia invited to lecture at the University of Stockholm in 1883. His works dealt with the theory of analytic functions, and specifically with the analytic representation of functions in terms of their singularities, defined in a neighborhood of each pole by the principal parts of Laurent expansions.


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