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(G7), international organization officially established in 1985 to facilitate economic and commercial cooperation among the world's largest industrial nations, including efforts to aid the economies of non-G7 nations.
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The so-called G-20 group met amid the world economic downturn to agree on joint actions to revive growth.
From governments to NGOs, academics, think-tanks and international development organizations, countless wish lists were drawn up of what the G-20 summit should do, or not do, even though it was clear from the outset that a meeting of a few hours would never be able to even remotely consider even a proportion of these.
In bringing together both elite industrial and key developing nations, the G-20 appears to be a more diverse trade group than those that are organised on the basis of clear commonalities such as levels of wealth, regional location, or dominant economic interests, such as oil or agriculture.
The question ahead of the G-20 summit was therefore clear: Would other countries follow the U.
Addressing a session at the G-20 meet on India's Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health on the second day, Prime Minister Modi said the meet must walk the talk to facilitate technological and financial infusion in Africa.
La presencia de paises emergentes en el G-20 tuvo mucho que ver con la citada construccion.
Since its inception, the G-20 has contributed to coordinating and stabilizing the global economy.
Since it is a pivotal year not only for the G-20 members, but also for China as well, the leadership has signaled that the G-20 is a key priority on Chinese foreign policy agenda.
Many of the debates at the Antalya G-20 summit involved the topics of lifting barriers that block the transfer of technology and accessing finance as well as economic inequality, refugees, developing countries and problems facing the poor.
G-20 members should expedite efforts to deliver on their commitments to boost productivity and eliminate structural bottlenecks to investment, competition, trade, and jobs.
The announcement by G-20 leaders in Brisbane has put the G-20 at the forefront of global energy governance reform.
The International Monetary Fund has warned about a "new mediocre" for the world's economy, and the G-20 -- which represents around 85 percent of the global economy -- has vowed to focus on a plan to add $2 trillion to world GDP.