A rectangular display that places the target at its center as the radar antenna aims at it. The display shows the range, azimuth, and elevation, unlike the earlier versions of radarscopes. It is suitable for tracking only one target at a time. The tracked target is displayed as a line called a wing spot. The length of a wing spot is inversely proportional to the target range. If there are any aiming errors, the blip is suitably displaced from the center. Also known as a G-scan.
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On display were X-ray detection and inspection systems for bags and packages, the "G-Scan" system used in detecting radioactive materials and metals, as well as advanced robotic devices used in the elimination and removal of explosives.
And as the scanner, called G-scan Brio, is an open magnet system rather than a traditional "tunnel" system, it is ideal for claustrophobic patients.
John Manchester, a lead MR radiographer at the hospital, said: "We were excited to invest in the G-scan as an excellent example of innovative technology for North Wales.
Pat Youds, associate chief of Staff for Radiography in North Wales, added: "Having the G-scan means we have extra capacity to meet high demand for the scanning of patients who are referred from all over North Wales, which covers a population of around 676,000 people across six counties.
The G-scan Brio is said to be quieter than routine MRI machines and is proving popular with children and those of a nervous disposition.
Known as the G-Scan, the hi-tech equipment was bought after a PS740,000 investment from the Welsh Government.
In this paper, we present a novel disk scheduling algorithm called G-SCAN (Grouping-SCAN) for handling heterogeneous workloads.
In Section 3, the proposed scheduling algorithm, namely, G-SCAN, is explained in detail.
Since G-SCAN is an on-line scheduling mechanism, it should decide the schedule of requests immediately when a new request arrives or the service of a request is completed.
The arm is compatible with all Axila probes--contact, non-contact, trigger, and G-scan laser scanner.