G. standards

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G. standards

The following is a summary of digital voice standards as well as DSL standards from the ITU. The voice standards are used in the speech codecs that sample voice and convert it into digital code. The DSL standards are used to convert telephone lines to data lines. See G.711, G.bond and DSL.

VOICE STANDARDSCodec            --- Rates ---G.       Coding  Sampling  BitNumber   Method    (kHz)  (kBps)

 G.711    PCM mu-Law  8   64

 G.711    PCM A-Law   8   64

 G.721    ADPCM       8   32

 G.722    ASPCM       7   48/56/64

 G.722.1  MLT        16   24/32

 G.722.2  ACELP      16   6.6 to 23.85

 G.723    (withdrawn)

 G.723.1  MP-MLQ      8   6.3

 G.723.1  ACELP       8   5.3

 G.726    ADPCM       8   16/24/32/40/64

 G.727    ADPCM       8   16/24/32/40/64

 G.728    LD-CELP     8   16

 G.729    CS-ACELP    8   8


 G.991.1  HDSL

 G.991.2  SHDSL - Single Pair HDSL

 G.992.1  ADSL

 G.992.2  Splitterless ADSL

 G.992.3  ADSL2

 G.992.4  Splitterless ADSL2

 G.992.5  ADSL2+

 G.993.1  VDSL

 G.993.2  VDSL2

 G.994.1  Handshaking Procedures

 G.995.1  Overview

 G.996.1  Test Procedures

 G.997.1  Physical Layer Management

 G.9700   Gfast
 G.9701   Gfast
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