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(both: gän), river, c.550 mi (885 km) long, flowing north through the plain of central Jiangxi prov., SE China, past Nanchang to Poyang lake. Despite many rapids, it is navigable for junks below Ganzhou and for steamers up to Nanchang. The lower Gan valley is fertile; rice and tea are the main crops.
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Generating and Analyzing Networks. "GAN - A System for Generating and Analyzing Activity Networks", A. Schurmann, CACM 11(10) (Oct 1968).
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(1) (GaN) See gallium nitride.

(2) (Generic Access Network) A GSM standard for roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Previously known as "Unified Mobile Access" (UMA), it allows dual-mode handsets to seamlessly switch networks, helping cellphones inside buildings to not drop calls. See dual-mode handset and cellular generations.

(3) (Generative Adversarial Network) An AI neural network that creates realistic images to train machine learning systems. To develop its expertise, thousands of real images are fed into a GAN from which the variations are created. GANs are also used to develop product alternatives and specific personas for advertisements. They can generate new video frames that turn a cloudy day into sunshine.

A GAN Is a Generator and Discriminator
The generator, which is a normal convolutional neural network (CNN), creates the images, and the discriminator (reverse CNN) evaluates them for realism. They work together to improve the quality of the images. As the discriminator provides feedback, the generator is able to fine tune its output. See neural network.

Real and Generated
Each pair of faces represents a real person and an image created in a generative adversarial network (GAN). (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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However, when we consider the situation as readers who can see the perspectives of Gan and T'Gatoi from increased critical distance, we also see an outsider faction of humans trading one form of oppression for another.
Prominent semiconductor manufacturers such as Texas Instruments and Nexperia are profoundly investing on GaN technology.
Request Sample of Global GaN Power Device Market Report @
Transphorm designs and manufactures the highest performance, highest reliability 650 V and 900 V GaN semiconductors for high-voltage power conversion applications.
"Mae'n anrhydedd, yn fraint cael gweithio ar y gan achos dwi wedi tyfu i fyny hefo'r gan fy hun.
Following discussions with its clientele, GAN expects the Internet gambling market in Pennsylvania to commence in the summer of 2019.
'I am inspired by the works of the local masters, like Fernando Zobel, Lee Aguinaldo and Roberto Chabet, who is considered the father of conceptual art here,' said Gan, who graduated from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with a degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising.
"It's definitely an honor for me, for my family to be named among Xavier's 10 Outstanding Graduates," said Gan. "This award inspires me to continue what I'm doing now, and that is to help promote sports, help in the grassroots level in hopes to discover new athletes."
According to Gan's post, the woman sat in the entrance of the jeepney after she wasn't able to find a good seat.
Gan, 35, who represented the Philippines in various international meets during his years with the jungolf program, has been tasked by the PSC chief to assist the agency - the PSI in particular - in his new capacity as program officer.
On April 19 last year at around 8.15pm, Gan boarded the Punggol-bound train on the North-East Line after having some drinks at the Chinatown area.