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gigabytes or gigabits - see MB. Giga stands for 10^9 - a US billion, or in computing for 2^30.

The text of a thirty volume encyclopaedia would require about one gigabyte of ASCII storage.


Gigabit. 10^9 bits. Might also be wrongly used for gigabyte (GB).


(Great Britain) A country code for United Kingdom. "uk" is generally used instead.
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glass block, glass brick

A hollow block of glass, usually translucent with textured faces; has relatively low thermal-insulation and low fire-resistance value; used in non-load-bearing walls.
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(1) (GB) (GigaByte) One billion bytes (technically 1,073,741,824 bytes). See giga and space/time.

(2) (Gb) (GigaBit) One billion bits (technically 1,073,741,824 bits). Lower case "b" for bit and "B" for byte are not always followed and often misprinted. Thus, Gb may refer to gigabyte. See Gbps, giga and space/time.

Bytes, Not Bits
Upper case "B" means bytes in this product package.
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