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Abbrev. for (Boss) General Catalog. See also NGC.
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Abbr. for “General Contractor.”
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A storage allocator with garbage collection by Hans-J. Boehm and Alan J. Demers. Gc is a plug-in replacement for C's malloc. Since the collector does not require pointers to be tagged, it does not attempt to ensure that all inaccessible storage is reclaimed.

Version 3.4 has been ported to Sun-3, Sun-4, Vax/BSD, Ultrix, Intel 80386/Unix, SGI, Alpha/OSF/1, Sequent (single threaded), Encore (single threaded), RS/600, HP-UX, Sony News, A/UX, Amiga, NeXT.

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garbage collection

(1) Garbage collection is a function of an operating system or programming language that reclaims memory no longer in use. For example, Java and .NET have built-in garbage collection, but C and C++ do not, and programmers have to write the code to allocate and deallocate, which is tedious and error prone. See dynamic memory allocation and memory allocation.

(2) In a flash memory-based solid state drive (SSD), the garbage collection function improves write speed by erasing blocks of unused storage in the background. Flash memory requires blocks to be erased before they can be written, and having empty blocks available saves time when writing new data on the drive. See TRIM support, flash memory and SSD.
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However, it intends to stand firm: "OELMEK continues to express its opposition to assigning three per cent to GCEs in the approved regulations and declares its determination to continue its struggle through scientific evidence and a constructive dialogue with all interested parties for a new unitary system," the statement continued.
Reports last night said a very small number of students -- perhaps just one -- with GCEs had applied to the UCY.
"I am referring to the Chairman of the Education Committee, who for a year now has been fanatically supporting access for students with GCEs at the Education Council; despite this, he speaks of clear positions.
But faced with opposition from the union of secondary school teachers OELMEK, threatening not to invigilate the Modern Greek exam coming up next week, the Cabinet decided to postpone implementation of the GCE admissions until the next academic year.
This was a face-saving gimmick, allowing the government to argue that it had not given in to OELMEK's blackmail, as the admission of students with GCEs was not subject to any further negotiations with the union -- the new arrangement would be enshrined in law and would be put into effect from next year.
Perhaps there was not enough time to prepare the amendment and perhaps the government plans to do so by next year when the dispute will most certainly re-surface, as the union is unlikely to give up its demand to keep students with GCEs out of the Cyprus University.
As well as teaching internationally accredited courses, such as GCEs, private schools could also offer lessons tailored to sit the state university exams, she said.
In the last few days, union representatives warned that accepting students with GCEs would be a blow to Hellenism and the Greek language.
David had no GCEs and had been told by school that he wasn't very bright, but Shankly had definitely seen something in him.
However, this type action against foreign governments and/or government controlled entities (GCEs) has often been frustrated by the doctrine of sovereign immunity (Hulston, 2012).
Besides, by comparing our proposed biosensor to other similar ones in the literature [60, 77-83], all based on CAT modified GCEs by using MWCNTs, it is evident that the amount of our electroactive catalase is higher, probably due to the simple NAF/MWCNTs matrix that could increase the exposure extent of the heme group in the catalase enzyme (see Table 3).
It was clear to everyone, no-one more than me, that I was useless academically, and the best I could hope for was a few GCEs at O-level from the local College of Further Education, if they would have me.