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Therefore, this study is aimed at exploring the proactive measures from the government perspective that could be embodied in the contractual arrangements among the government, promoters and lenders in a GDG to mediate counter party's opportunistic behaviour and to enable a win-win-win situation.
The GDG was aware of examples where antenatal services are provided alongside other services, such as housing, social care and benefits advice.
Table 5: Degree of Agreement (%) on Outlier Designation for Family Medicine, General Medicine, and Internal Medicine Physicians by Risk-Adjustment System and Type of Practice Efficiency Measure * (a) Designated High Outliers Risk-Adjustment System SCD Score and Practice Efficiency Measure ACG BOI CCI DCG ERG GDG O/E Ratio ACG 76 BOI 39 67 CCI 36 46 60 DCG 51 51 46 75 ERG 40 40 45 49 64 GDG 43 45 37 37 33 67 (b) Designated Low Outliers Risk-Adjustment System SCD Score and Practice Efficiency Measure ACG BOI CCI DCG ERG GDG O/E Ratio ACG 47 BOI 38 64 CCI 26 35 68 DCG 36 41 47 70 ERG 39 45 33 41 70 GDG 29 30 44 39 39 65 * High- and low-outlier thresholds defined at 10%.
Employing proprietary automated processes and procedures, it identifies anomalies in log files and alerts GDG security analysts who make recommendations on how to respond to threats.
Outsourcing the requirements of firewall management and monitoring to GDG provides access to trained security analysts, who continuously monitor firewall log files, rules and status, and augment an organization's resources to help meet regulatory needs, including PCI requirements.
Each layer complements and augments the others, with intelligent behavioral analysis and correlation capabilities comprising the GDG difference.
In addition to the all-new SRM solution series, Global DataGuard also offers "on-demand" managed security services, allowing organizations to decide when internal resources are responsible for network security and when they'd prefer that GDG handle it.
Among the recent equipment purchases made by Damar are a Raimann optimizing rip system, a Grecon Dimter optimizing chop system and a Gabbiani GDG tenoner.
GDG has been hired by Pearl Properties Commercial Management to assist with marketing materials for several projects targeting real estate brokers and prospective buyers.
The company also has added features such as return conveyors on its Gabbiani GDG tenoners from Delmac Machinery Group to allow for single man production, and is looking for other ways to improve efficiency in operations.
GDG provides rapid incident response 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from a monitoring center in Dallas, Texas.