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symbol for the element gadoliniumgadolinium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Gd; at. no. 64; at. wt. 157.25; m.p. 1,312°C;; b.p. 3,233°C;; sp. gr. 7.898 at 25°C;; valence +3. Gadolinium is a malleable, ductile, lustrous silver-white metal with a hexagonal close-packed crystalline structure at room
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The country code for Grenada.
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GDS offers colocation and managed services, including direct private connection to major cloud platforms.
In 2000, GDS International launched its first senior executive summit under the 'Next Generation' banner, which became the catalyst for a decade-and-a-half of rapid growth and a portfolio of hugely successful products.
Some of the other projects under GDS' belt include the Dubai Insurance Building interior refurbishing, over 13 branches of Union National Bank and the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank headquarters in Erbil, among others.
"Buoyed by the booming construction activity and growth potential in the interiors and the fit-out sector, we expect to grow by over 25 per cent in 2016," said El Tayeb El Hag Yousif, general manager of GDS.
In addition, GDS will provide CITIC Telecom CPC with data center resources, enabling CITIC Telecom CPC to provide multiple quality data center services to its customers more promptly and comprehensively so as to extend its service coverage.
Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)--15: Geriatric depression scale (GDS) is reliable and valid self-rating depression screening scale which was developed by Yesavage and Blink in 1983 consisting of 30 items.
A key tenet of the GDS policy is the expectation that researchers obtain the informed consent of study participants for the potential future use of their de-identified data for research and for broad sharing.
However, its overwhelming success is not necessarily commercially good for the industry because most of the profit is sucked by the third parties, with their charges being sometimes three times more expensive then GDS," he added.
TRAVELPORT, the business services provider to the global travel industry, has announced a significant new reseller relationship with OTT Group Ltd (OTT) that will see one of the world's largest resources for online travel training become an official retailer of Travelport's latest GDS training modules in the Middle East and Africa.
Stephen Hobday, the airline director of sales, said, 'Whilst the undoubted benefits of New Economy sell themselves, we nevertheless needed to create a mechanism to save time for TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and costs for corporate customers when booking in the GDS. With the support of our trade and GDS (Global Distribution System) partners, we are delighted to have now achieved this to everyone's satisfaction.
GDS (Global Distribution System) is the prime distribution channel for airlines across the globe imagine without GDS it is impossible practically and financially for airlines to reach out to all the customers directly, Airlines put their seat inventory and flight schedules to GDS system that can be access by thousands of agencies across the globe, it gives them visibility and reach without incurring heavy operational cost.
Sabre Travel Network announced today it has begun offering US AirwaysO ChoiceSeats in the Sabre global distribution system (GDS).