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symbol for the element gadoliniumgadolinium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Gd; at. no. 64; at. wt. 157.25; m.p. 1,312°C;; b.p. 3,233°C;; sp. gr. 7.898 at 25°C;; valence +3. Gadolinium is a malleable, ductile, lustrous silver-white metal with a hexagonal close-packed crystalline structure at room
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The country code for Grenada.
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Earlier this year, in order to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of our business, GDS underwent a further rebrand to become GDS Group.
GDS are majority share in the passenger air travel, may it be from a travel agency desktops or OTAs.
GDS has handed over a number of branches for leading banks in the UAE over the past couple of years, with several more branches for various banks currently under execution.
Travelport GDS will soon announce the significant steps it has taken to achieve these plans.
The tool was initiated by the GMA/FMI GDS Taskforce, which was charged with the mission to identify ways to help companies understand the business case for GDS; examine processes, functions, and changes required for strategic GDS implementation; and help companies develop a business case specifically for their organizations, ensuring that GDS objectives would be aligned with corporate strategic goals.
I worked for GDS for two years prior to joining Cardiff City.
In this study we report an analysis of the similarities and differences in patient profiles obtained by the use of the GDS and PGCMS, including evidence on intercorrelation.
Thomas Cook will migrate all its UK entities, such as Gold Medal Travel, from their current GDS provider to the Galileo platform under the new, multi-year agreement, the company stated.
Travelport GDS has announced a new direct link between its global distribution services and the Accor hotel group.
A leading manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear, electrical equipment and services in the region, GDS, will also supervise the installation, testing and commissioning of the panel boards supplied to the Emicool plant located in Dubai Investment Park.
Galileo Named 'Best GDS' Asia For Second Year RunningGalileo, part of Travelport GDS, scoops up Travelweekly's coveted 'Best GDS Asia' award
Airlines, GDS firms keep new contract details private.