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In addition, 93% of the goods, services and overheads of the Hafod y Gest contract was spent with small and medium sized businesses in Wales.
Putting on an American accent, Steph Davis' ex said: "Hello guys, David Gest here.
The newspaper reports that Gest's US attorney Edward Bearman confirmed: "I've been told David died from a stroke."
As well as the many tributes paid to David Gest, there were several to the great Philadelphia soul singer Billy Paul, who died within weeks of Gest.
And in reference to that faux pas, Gest, who is also remembered as a comedian, had jokingly dubbed his next big-name concert tour of the UK The David Gest Is Not Dead But Alive With Soul Tour.
Days before his death, Gest spoke to his pal, football agent Barry "Silky" Silkman.
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Coronation Street star Les Dennis tweeted: "David Gest was a talented producer, witty man and someone I was proud to call my friend."
On December 14 Maggie and husband Lawrence, 69, went to David Gest's All-Star Christmas Soul Legends concert at The Palace Hotel, Manchester.
"I woke up one morning and said I'm going to make a movie about Michael's life because I was tired of reading all this crap about him, all these tales that were so fictitious," Sky News quoted Gest as saying.
SINGER Pete Doherty, who was brough up in Bedworth, is to perform in a remake of a soul classic as part of an extravaganza telling the story of music producer David Gest.
DAVID Gest, that winking, leering, ogling, mincing and grandstanding preacher whose greatest claim to fame was marrying Liza Minelli, got his come-uppance this week.