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ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)

ground fault circuit interrupter
A type of ground fault protection in areas where personnel are at high risk of receiving electrical shocks (for example, in damp locations); makes use of a device designed to trip at a ground current in the milliampere range, i.e., very much below currents that are normally harmful.
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7% of receptacle GFCIs were not operational compared to 8.
How important is Morocco's entry into the prestigious GFCI index?
Connect the steam cleaner or power washer to an electric supply cord with a built-in GFCI (250 volts AC or less, single-phase.
No change in rank since GFCI 5; rating increased by nine points
C[yen] Extrapolating from the GFCI report and its own estimates for economic and financial sector growth, Chatham House said the GCC could overtake both Australia and Tokyo in the rankings over the next decade.
It also is a light fixture with a patented EasyLock glass for changing the bulb and can work with GFCI outlets over tubs.
These systems do not locate electricity at the water, which, in turn, does not rely on a GFCI for the safety of an entire family.
The new TMOV and iTMOV components are 30 percent smaller than the current version and can be used in dimmers, GFCI and arc suppressors.
The Household Circuit supplements the Contren Residential Electrical I and II and includes a variety of projects in new construction; GFCI, duplex and special-receptacle installation; lighting installation and repair; communication systems; and circuit troubleshooting.
One is the wall receptacle GFCI most commonly found in kitchens, bath and laundry rooms.
Electrical device manufacturer Cutler-Hammer figured that where ground fault, or GFCI protection is also required, it made sense to combine the two types of protection in one device.
Features include pulse control, heavy-duty construction, GFCI circuit, polyester reinforced hose, three nozzles and rubber feet.