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The GFR team is focused not just on serving customers, but the community as well.
The CysC and MDRD equations provide estimates of GFR (rather than CrCl) and since creatinine is partly secreted via the kidneys, these estimates should be lower than CrCl based estimates (viz C&G, two- and 24-hour urine estimates).
Birmingham's GFR was only slightly lower than Walsall's at 71.
Everyone who is at risk of kidney disease must get their GFR checked on a regular basis," says Joseph Vassalotti, M.
Kevin Bermeister, CEO of Altnet, said, "We believe GFR will usher in a new era of co-operation for online content and distribution industries, with artists and consumers standing to be the greatest beneficiaries.
GFR is a measure of kidney filtering capacity, and a decrease in GFR always occurs before kidney failure.
They also evaluated the women's kidney function using a measurement called the glomerular filtration rate, or GFR.
The financing was arranged for THR Products Corporation, a custom manufacturer of architectural cast stone and GFR products.
One of the front-runners in the semiauto paint ball market is the GZ 2000, made by the GFR Corporation in Andover, N.
For the past 12 years, GFR has provided institutional investors with a variety of due diligence, servicing oversight and asset management advisory services.