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A removable plate designed to hold other parts in place or act as a bearing or wear surface.
(mining engineering)
A temporary support at the face to prevent coal from falling before the cut is complete, either by hand or by machine.
A prop put in the holing of a seam while being undercut.
A piece of metal often used in the same hole with a wedge-shaped key for holding pieces together.
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1. A steel strap used to clasp two members together.
2. Same as gib or jib door.
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A backseat pilot or navigator in a two-seat tandem aircraft. Also called GIB, or guy in back.
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NIST binary

In 1995, the National Institute of Standards & Technology defined a new standard for designating binary numbers in order to eliminate ambiguity. For example, one megabyte can mean 1,000,000 (106) bytes or 1,048,576 (220) bytes, which is the true binary value.

The traditional kilo, mega, etc. designations were changed to kibi, mebi, etc. The first two letters of the word were retained followed with "bi" for binary (see table below).

Will It Catch On?
After decades, NIST measurements are not mainstream but are used to avoid ambiguity. See binary values.

BITS in:Decimal         NIST Binary

 kilobit (Kb)    kibibit (Kib)

 megabit (Mb)    mebibit (Mib)

 gigabit (Gb)    gibibit (Gib)

 terabit (Tb)    tebibit (Tib)

 petabit (Tb)    pebibit (Pib)

 exabit  (Eb)    exbibit (Eib)

 zettabit (Zb)   zebibit (Zib)

 yottabit (Yb)   yobibit (Yib)

 BYTES in:Decimal         NIST Binary

 kilobyte (KB)   kibibyte (KiB)

 megabyte (MB)   mebibyte (MiB)

 gigabyte (GB)   gibibyte (GiB)

 terabyte (TB)   tebibyte (TiB)

 petabyte (TB)   pebibyte (PiB)

 exabyte  (EB)   exbibyte (EiB)

 zettabyte (ZB)  zebibyte (ZiB)

 yottabyte (YB)  yobibyte (YiB)
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Several previous studies have suggested that GIBS can be effective as the sole tool in surgical planning [11], but others have suggested that it is useful only as a screening tool before angiography and intervention [12].
In the emergency setting, RBC scintigraphy plays a complementary role to endoscopy and angiography and should be the initial imaging study in the evaluation of lower GIBs. Colonoscopy, often the initial step in attempting to identify the source of lower GIBs after upper GIB sources have been ruled out, suffers from the potential 4-6 hour delay needed for colon preparation, the need for sedation, the invasive nature of the procedure, the difficulty in identifying bleeding sites during active bleeding, the delay it causes, preventing prompt GIB scintigraphy, and rare but serious complications such as perforation and hemorrhage.
Given these results, a regression based composite General Implicit Beliefs Score (GIBS) was derived from all four measures and used in subsequent analyses.
Jon Gibs, vice president of media/ insights at Nielsen, said: "There are two broad ways to look at SMM: contextual marketing using display advertising within blogs, wikis and social networks; and the concept of using social media itself as a form of advertising, thus allowing individuals and/or groups to interact with a company's brand."
Diestocks for slides, cams, gibs, punch holders, and punch and die bodies are squared off in less than half the time as before.
The project was let as a design-and-build package to the firm of Gibs Ltd, which ran it as a series of sub-contracts.
GREAT TASTE Fentimans, famous for their dandelion & burdock, will have a stall, along with Christine and Steve Gibs, centre, of the Durham Brewery.
The Buildings Department has received 29 elevator-related complaints and issued 9 violations for elevator problems, including improper fuses and worn door gibs on hoistway doors.
GIBS ON, The Riccati integral equations for optimal control problems on Hilbert spaces, SIAM J.
Although GIBs were initially developed for warfighters, they are now being used in an ever widening circle of homeland security applications--of course, conforming to strict congressional oversight of domestic imagery.