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Generic Interactive Application. An application framework based on Common Lisp and OSF/Motif, designed to simplify the construction of graphical interactive applications.

GINA consists of CLM - a language binding for OSF/Motif in Common Lisp; the GINA application framework - a class library in CLOS; the GINA interface builder - an interactive tool implemented with GINA to design Motif windows.

Version 2.2 requires OSF/Motif 1.1 or better, Common Lisp with CLX, CLOS, PCL and processes. It runs with Franz Allegro, Lucid, CMU CL and Symbolics Genera.

Germany. N. America. Mailing list:
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Using GINA to optimize their network's performance mobile operators are able to maximize their existing infrastructure capacity, and increase revenues by supporting a higher number of total subscribers.
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County Superior Court, Rodriguez claims James got pissed over the 20pc that Gina was making from the deals and posted some nasty stuff on the Internet such as:
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