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an open place in a forest; clearing



a relatively small open area in a forest. Glades form when trees are destroyed as a result of wind, heavy snow, or fire. Forest renewal in glades is difficult because of the formation of ground cover and unfavorable temperature. A large number of glades negatively influences the growth of a forest.

References in classic literature ?
The second person, who appeared to occupy a position of distinction at the dance in the glade, was a lady.
Taylor Wimpey North East sales and marketing director Karl Morton said: "Set in the heart of Cramlington village, Parkside Glade offers the ultimate in modern living, with all the amenities needed for daily life nearby and excellent commuter links, so it is easy to see why the homes have been snapped up.
Spatial gradients have been identified for parts of analogous communities, but did not include the entire glade or surrounding woodland (Van Auken 2000).
He suggested she study the ecology of the cedar glades because even though botanists had studied individual glade plants in Middle Tennessee, no one had ever examined the ecology of the system.
Location: SW Avenue D between SW 5 & 6th Street, Belle Glade, FL 33430.
Jacqueline Mc Glade, UNEP Chief Scientist, said "is it sufficient to stay below the two degrees?
The other boys in the glade, with their memories all wiped clean, were all sent to the glade for reasons unknown and forced to fend for themselves with only their wits and rudimentary tools offered by an omnipresent provider.
When a lone girl (Kaya Scodelario) is surprisingly elevated into the Glade, they, like proper adolescents, blink with astonishment: "It's a girl.
The platinum selling star joins Glade in this high production project as she appears in a number of scenes using the number one air freshener in the world.
Glade understands the powerful connection between scent and emotion and is helping consumers embrace each day by introducing the bold new Glade Premium Room Sprays," the company says, citing evidence suggesting that 60% of users of scented products do so for the positive mood or feeling the product induces.
For the little ones there's the Kidz Zone and the CS Lewis Narnia themed enchanted glade plus delicious locally produced foods and treats and a quirky art and craft village.