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The company is grateful for the confidence that GDI has shown in GLB over the past two years and looks forward to building on the successful cooperation that has developed between the companies.
As a second project, GLB planned to plant 200,000 sun flower seeds which would be crushed to make sun flower oil to be sold inside Sudan, he said, adding that part of it would be exported to neighbouring countries.
The lower GLB/SGS ratio seen in our experiment probably did not limit intake because the pasture showed a high GLB (2,195 kg [ha.
Unless an incoming fax is received on a fax machine in a secure room with access limited to those authorized to access personal consumer information, it likely violates GLB.
The cabal claimed that this pesky permission provision had to be altered to bring North Dakota into compliance with GLB.
Both HIPAA and GLB restrict the sharing of personally identifiable data with third parties.
Beginning July 1, 2001, the GLB Act required financial institutions to provide notice and an opportunity to opt-out of disclosures of "nonpublic personal information" to nonaffiliated third parties (exceptions apply).
As you know, the GLB Act itself states that entities engaged in 'financial activities' are subject to the Act.
The purpose of the workshop was to look at the GLB privacy disclosures required of financial institutions and other entities to inform customers about how companies use their personal financial information and how to opt-out of certain information sharing arrangements.
Organizational and channel conflict" have prevented most banks from taking full advantage of the opportunities GLB provides, Hanley writes in a recent issue of the Furash newsletter, "The Edge.