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Near at hand you could fancy it the most melancholy sound in Nature, as if she meant by this to stereotype and make permanent in her choir the dying moans of a human being -- some poor weak relic of mortality who has left hope behind, and howls like an animal, yet with human sobs, on entering the dark valley, made more awful by a certain gurgling melodiousness -- I find myself beginning with the letters gl when I try to imitate it -- expressive of a mind which has reached the gelatinous, mildewy stage in the mortification of all healthy and courageous thought.
We thank the Foundation for the collaboration, and we wish DNV GL and its employees continued success, says Gnter Herz of Mayfair.
With the dynamic changes that have taken place over the last 12 months, there has never been a better time to be a Reservist in the NAVSUP GLS enterprise," said Capt.
The initial rankings of GLS come as it moves forward and anticipates growing as a Special Servicer.
Going from the OLS to the GLS approach leads to estimates of -0.
GLS claims that the kink resistance and snap-back properties of these TPEs for the first time rival those of plasticized PVC.
Ireland Born: May 7 1965 Career: Manchester United, Everton 1982-91 Apps: lge 220 gls 56; int 38 gls 9
The newest ShotSpotter GLS solutions are built upon the same field-proven wide-area acoustic surveillance technology that continues to be used successfully by law enforcement agencies to better react to and reduce gunfire and violent crime.
Given DNV GLs track record we were confident that they would provide invaluable technical and commercial expertise to carry out the due diligence tasks required.
GLS will provide the main commercial support for these products.
Our clients depend on GLS to stay ahead of the curve in presenting options that deliver stable, reliable and affordable virtual private network (VPN) solutions.
DynCorp International (DI) and McNeil Technologies (McNeil) have combined their core competencies through GLS to offer INSCOM an innovative management-services solution for its linguist program.