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He further added, GLs versatile T1 E1/T3 E3/ OC3-12/STM1-4 test platforms provide a wide range of functionalities and testing capabilities regardless of the form-factor you choose.
A la fois plus grand et plus luxueux, le nouveau Mercedes-Benz GLS offre encore plus d'espace, de confort et de luxe.
Roland Folger, MD-CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, said, "Indians have a penchant for SUVs and this has pushed India to emerge as the Top 6 markets globally for the GLS, reiterating the vehicles unmatched popularity.
The new department, designated Code 42 - Warfighter and Family Readiness, streamlines the NAVSUP GLS construct by grouping four of the primary "caregiver" functions - functions that so many of our service members and their families rely on - into one holistic department.
Making the best of every ground and taking an imposing lead on every road, the new GLS effortlessly fulfills the Mercedes-Benz promise of 'The Best or Nothing'.
The GLS Club Zone featured a technical area showcasing information on the GLS design, the perfection of its engineering, and its innovative technology, a press release said.
Yes, the behemoth AMG-developed GLS 63 might well be a common sight in Dubai but it'll be a whole sight rarer in Dulwich, Dundee and Dudley.
The initial rankings of GLS come as it moves forward and anticipates growing as a Special Servicer.
GLS will present a seminar on TPE Overmolding Design on Tuesday, June 20.
We consider two choices of weighting matrix: W = I [ordinary least squares (OLS) case], and W = [[??].sup.-1.sub.rr] (GLS case).
In a project of this nature, says GLS, a processor typically decides on a rigid substrate and then spends considerable development time fixing upon the TPE that would provide just the right combination of properties.
GLS claims that the kink resistance and snap-back properties of these TPEs for the first time rival those of plasticized PVC.