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Abbr. for “grade marked.”
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The country code for Gambia.
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General MIDI

A standard set of 128 sounds for MIDI sound cards and devices (synthesizers, sound modules, etc.). By assigning instruments to specific MIDI patch locations, General MIDI provides a standard way of communicating MIDI sound.

MIDI's small storage requirement makes it very desirable as a musical sound source for multimedia applications compared to digitizing actual music. For example, a three-minute MIDI file may take only 20 to 30K, whereas a WAV file (digital audio) could consume up to several megabytes depending on sound quality. See MIDI.

gold code

Program source code that is ready for commercial distribution. When a vendor says its product "has gone gold," it means the source code has been compiled into an executable program ready for sale. The next steps are to turn it into an installable product and create a CD or DVD "golden master" (GM) for the disc manufacturer or into a file for Web downloads. See build and RTM.
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| GMES managing director Steve Cressey (left) and John Ellis, of Finance Yorkshire
Gmes Unlimited, World Sports Group and Cornerstone manage several Indian cricketers
ITER and GMES outside the MFF; Austria, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom think the spending ceiling proposed by the Commission is "too high"
ITER and GMES, placed outside the MFF by the Commission, would be funded in Heading 1a, according to the latest version of the negotiating box.
The same agreement would institute a GMES Council as a main body to control the funds.
This box' would only be used to fund GMES and could not be re-instated under another budget heading.
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, or GMES, aims to provide detailed data on the environment and security, adapted to the needs of users.
To the argument that Galileo, another flagship space policy programme, will be financed by the EU beyond 2013, the Commission's response is that the Galileo infrastructure belongs to the Union, contrary to the GMES infrastructure.
The EU plans to allocate around 1,200 million between 2007 and 2013 to GMES projects and services.
In order for member states to take responsibility for funding the "explosive costs" of ITER and GMES, the EU executive decided to place these outside the next MFF.
Does the EU's Earth monitoring programme known as Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) still have a future?