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The heat oppressive to suffocation--the gnats hummed and stung unceasingly--the "miserabili" without whined and moaned in their sleep.
It certainly was a VERY large Gnat: 'about the size of a chicken,' Alice thought.
'--then you don't like all insects?' the Gnat went on, as quietly as if nothing had happened.
'What sort of insects do you rejoice in, where YOU come from?' the Gnat inquired.
'Of course they answer to their names?' the Gnat remarked carelessly.
'What's the use of their having names the Gnat said, 'if they won't answer to them?'
'All right,' said the Gnat: 'half way up that bush, you'll see a Rocking-horse-fly, if you look.
'Sap and sawdust,' said the Gnat. 'Go on with the list.'
'Look on the branch above your head,' said the Gnat, 'and there you'll find a snap-dragon-fly.
When I lift my tail up quite high, all is going well, and you must charge; but if I let it hang down, run away as fast as you can.' When the gnat had heard that, she flew away again, and revealed everything, down to the minutest detail, to the willow-wren.
For he suffereth it not if a gnat wanteth to buzz, or even two of them; also the lanes maketh he lonesome, so that the moonlight is afraid there at night.
It is like the dead-march of a gnat amid the trumpeting of elephants and the roaring of lions.