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(State Standard), one of the basic categories of standards established by the state system of standardization in the USSR. Adherence to GOST is obligatory for all enterprises, organizations, and institutions of Union, republic, and local subordination in all branches of the national economy of the USSR and the Union republics. It is distinguished from other categories of standards by area of distribution (throughout the territory of the USSR), confirming authority (Council of Ministers of the USSR, Gosstandart [State Standard], and Gosstroi [State Committee on Construction]), and by the objectives of standardization, which are of importance to the state.




(1) A great merchant in Rus’ before the 16th century, trading with other towns or foreign countries. The gosti of several large towns were united in special privileged corporations, such as the Moscow 100. the Ivanovo 100. and Surozhans.

(2) From the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 18th, a member of the highest privileged corporation of merchants. Each gost’ had a special privilege-granting charter. na gostinoe imia (“in the merchant’s name”), from the tsar. The principal privileges of a gost’ were freedom from fiscal and service obligations, unrestricted travel abroad for trade purposes, right to acquire votchinas (patrimonial estates), and direct jurisdiction by the tsar. Gosti were represented by elected officials in the national assemblies (zemskie sobory). Government choices determined the composition of the gosti. In the 17th century in Russia there were 20–30gosti. Turnover in trade reached several tens of thousands of rubles annually for some of the gost’i. The gosti invested money in real estate (houses, land), and several acquired industrial enterprises, exploiting a great number of hired workers and serfs. In turn, a gost’ was obliged to carry out complex state-treasury commissions (usually lasting 1½ years): they headed the great customs houses (in Moscow and Arkhangel’sk), collected extraordinary emergency taxes, managed treasury enterprises, determined the value of treasury furs from the Siberian Prikaz (Siberian Office), traded treasury wares, and so on. In cases of shortages or arrears in the treasury, the gosti took responsibility. In the 1720’s they were incorporated into the merchant social class.


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Fastlane will provide GOST (TM) with a comprehensive social media program to facilitate engagement with its consumer and distributor base, raise the company's profile and reinforce its position as the market leader in maritime security.
According to GOST 398-96 ([GAMMA]OCT 39896), hardness must be 269-275 HB depending on a steel grade.
Le GOST est issu de l'expertise multidisciplinaire de l'Institut de recherche en biotechnologie du CNRC (IRB-CNRC), de Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada (TPSGC), du Centre d'excellence de Montreal en rehabilitation de sites et de divers partenaires passes maitres dans la restauration de l'environnement.
Microstructure of cast high speed steel R6M5 (EBCHR) consists over grain boundaries of martensite (austenite grain score is 9-10), residual austenite, torn carbide network (carbide inhomogeneity score, according to GOST 19265-73 scale 2, is 6-7) and disperse carbides, uniformly distributed over the whole volume of ingots (Figure 1, a).
Mechanical properties of pipes in hot-rolled state correspond to properties of heat-treated pipes according to GOST 21945-76, non-uniformity of distribution of values of relative elongation in pipes within one melting being detected.
The company's manufacturing facilities are certified to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 standards, and allowing to make up to 2000 computers and 100 servers per day.
covered such chuviaki, top leather, with outer soles of rubber, leather or plastics, GOST 1135-2005; covered such chuviaki, top leather, with outer soles of rubber, leather or plastics, GOST 1135-2005; covered such chuviaki, top leather, with outer soles of rubber, leather or plastics, GOST 1135-2005
According to GOST 10885-85, produced double-layer sheets have thickness from 4 to 60 mm, whereby the base layer is made of carbon or low-alloy steel and the cladding layer consists of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys, nickel, and Monel metal.
This year has also seen further development within Clifford & Snell, as both UL and GOST Approvals have been awarded to the Yodalarm and Yodalex ranges respectively.
Global Standards Compliance: UL, cUL, GOST, JEM and CE certifications for use in Europe as well as North America.
The rotary switches are approved to BS, CSA, GOST, IEC and UL standards and are tested to at least 75,000 operations.