GNU General Public License

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GNU General Public License

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GNU General Public License

A software license from the Free Software Foundation (FSF) that ensures every user receives the essential freedoms that define "free" software, which is free of restrictions (see free software). Also called "GPL" and "GNU GPL," it was created to distribute the software of the GNU operating system (see GNU). Approximately 70% of free software packages are released under this license, including most GNU programs and thousands of others. The GNU General Public License is also considered an open source license (see open source).

Copyleft, Not Copyright
The license embodies the Free Software Foundation's "copyleft" rule, which means that anyone is allowed to make changes or extend the source code and redistribute it as long as the changes are clearly marked, and the modified work is also licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Version 3 (GPLv3)
In 2007, Version 3 of the license was released to address several issues. It forbids Tivoization, which is the practice of designing hardware to prevent modified software from running on it (see Tivoization), and it is designed to yield results that are more uniform between countries despite variations in their copyright laws. GPLv3 also provides explicit protection to users and redistributors of a program against being sued for patent infringements by organizations connected with the program's development.

The GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL)
The GNU Lesser General Public License is meant for free software that allows linking with non-free software. It was originally called the "GNU Library GPL," but the name was changed to remove the implication that all libraries should be licensed this way. "Lesser" means the license does less to protect the user's freedom than the regular GNU GPL. See GNU Affero General Public License, free software, open source, copyright, Free Software Foundation and GNU.

The GPL Notification
Increasingly, people open up consumer electronics packages and find a GPL license inside. This license from NETGEAR's Google TV set-top box was printed in September 2012.
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GPL Compliance is the process of creating the proper artifacts and following the other obligations of the GPL license. This includes delivering the GPL license text itself, along with the source code or a written offer good for three years to provide the source code.
GPL license: engendering publicly available source code.
The robustness of features is certainly part of it, but it's also freely available under the GPL license. Anyone can use the Linux kernel in a project, provided they make the open source components available to end users and developers.
For example, the Micropolis GPL License Notice, in a provision entitled "ADDITIONAL TERMS per GNU GPL Section 7" seeks to eliminate every conceivable warranty, including the warranty of noninfringement.
"Many companies do not realize that their proprietary software can include OSS and be covered under a GPL license," says James Kunick, chair of the IP and technology practice at Much Shelist.
It is licensed under GPL license and available at just $49.
Eucalyptus 2.0 is available immediately under the open source GPL license.
Some guidance has been offered by FSF where its GPL license is involved, and companies can reflect on the scenarios set forth below (which incorporate some of FSF's commentary and can be found at as a starting point to investigate their employees' use of open source code.
Talend Open Studio is provided under the GPL license and can be downloaded for no charge at
I'm going to report an "argument" that Microsoft has made about the GPL, and the basic conclusion of this argument is that GPL software, the software licensed under the Free Software Foundation's new GPL license, should not be supported as part of the ecosystem, at least when it comes to government.