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spur, 1
1. An appendage to a supporting structure, as a shore, prop, or buttress; a decorative appendage of the base of a round column resting on a square or polygonal plinth, set at the corners, and taking the form of a grotesque, a tongue, or leafwork. Also called a griffe.
2. A spere.
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"We weren't sure how Teddy would react and whether he would be jealous but he completely dotes on him and says 'Griff 's my favourite.'.
Later on, Griff also visits some diamond mine sites, explores an unusual train that has been converted into a hospital and takes a trip to an ostrich farm.
Once the train finally leaves Nairobi station, it moves for a few moments before coming to a halt: "It's lost a little of its romance and glamour", Griff sighs.
Passenger trains no longer run to Griff's next destination, so he takes to the road to reach Giraffe Manor, formerly the home of Scottish toffee magnate Sir David Duncan - a member of the Mackintosh family of Mackintosh's Toffee fame.
Available next week for in-studio television appearances (October 6-11th) and or at Griff and Son's Hometown Auto Repair at 10 Clark Street in Harrington, Delaware
In order to get a sense of the landscape the monarch would have enjoyed, Griff unearths the sort of Tudor architecture she would have seen, and - perhaps most revealing of all - he digs up actual first-hand accounts of her visits to the towns along the way.
Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust, said yesterday: "We take great exception to Griff Rhys Jones's calls.
Nothing that he was pleased that his former subscribers will now be receiving Criminal Justice Reporter, Griff Thomas, president of CDC, also said, "As it has since 1921, Congressional Digest Corp.
Soon after her birth at South Farm (then known as Arbury Farm) her family moved to Griff House where she lived from 1820 to 1841.
John (Griff) Griffith Daniel Chilson Todd Bentley Nilklaus Lange Pete Bradley Don Handfield Denetra Washington Linna Carter Matthew (Doogie) McDougal Seabass Diamond Heather Lesley Tesh Gary Buchanan Ryan Tucker Gretchen Nicki Lynn Mrs.
A complaint has been made to Warwickshire Police Force about alleged improper use of funds following a fundraising event, which was held at the Griff and Coton Sports and Social Club in April.