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Awards made by the Geography and Spatial Sciences Program address a wide range of topics with real-world impacts," said GSS Program Director Antoinette WinklerPrins.
As of current the programme will only focus on GSS because it is closer to the University of Botswana.
Synthesis of 3D GSS structures is commonly performed from any base GSS material by the hydrothermal method [5].
The commonest complication, fever was seen in 10% of total patients and as per the GSS score it was seen in 6.
During the programme, the GSS will not only be used to limit loading of the line under dynamic load scenarios, but also be capable of offering voltage regulation.
Ridawi said the GSS is a long-life tool or instrument with no technical complication, and no electric current involved to disturb its usage.
July 15-17 From 09:00 am to 12:00 pm, 132 KV GSS Cantt & Chaklala, Bank Road-I, Pindi-III, Khadim Hussain, Jhanda, Askari-VII, Sir Syed Road, VIP & FFC feeders July 16 From 06:00am to 09:00am 132KV GSS Kamalabad, Q.
With high-quality services and continuous expansion, GSS has become one of the foremost providers of integrated facilities management solutions to a wide range of clients across Africa.
cucurbitae females of the GSS than in melon fly females of the much studied bisexual strain used in the SIT programme in Okinawa, Japan.
The sustainable glycol technologies specialist noted that, through the addition of GSS, which boasts a leading position in the glycol recycling industry, catering to more than 1,500 client in the Mid-Atlantic region, it would boost its presence in the Northeast.
GSS will next week release the re-based Consumer Price Index (CPI) which is expected to reflect the change in expenditure patterns of households.
The GSS Center, situated in Bangalore, spans 45,000 sq.