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GTL Infra is part of Global Group having a network services firm GTL and infrastructure sharing firm CNIL.
Project status of small scale GTL in the current economic climate
GTL is proud of its very recent accomplishments, such as making our Offender Management System (OMS) available on the GSA IT Schedule 70, simplifying procurement for federal, state and local governments.
Through these efforts, GTL has complied with new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules for ICS, are in effect nationwide for jail facilities, typically operated by county sheriff's departments and municipal police.
Europe's new specifications for paraffinic diesel fuels hold out promising potential for gas-to-liquids (GTL) from Qatar, according to Shell.
Dr Sada points out: "With the development of Pearl GTL, we have witnessed a giant leap in size, coupled with exemplary use of technology, resulting in the [world's] largest gas-to-liquids plant of its kind successfully going through its fourth year of production.
GTL conversion is a term for technologies to make liquid synthetic fuels from a variety of feedstocks.
Dennis Cheong Shell vice president supply chain said: "Shell lubricants has a strong and dependable global supply chain producing high quality products and providing consistent delivery to our customers: these GTL base oil hubs are an integral part of this.
Akbar Zamanian said the RIPI started studies on construction of the GTL plant some months ago, adding that the contract for the GTL plant construction was signed between RIPI and an Iranian company, the oil ministry's website reported.
CompactGTL Chairman Tony Hayward and Minister Uzakbay Karabalin have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to support the development and implementation of innovative associated gas processing technologies in Kazakhstan with the implementation of the world's first commercially deployed small scale GTL plant.