Gabashvili, Ekaterina Revazovna

Gabashvili, Ekaterina Revazovna


Born June 16 (28), 1851, in Gori; died Aug. 7, 1938, in Tbilisi. Georgian writer.

Gabashvili was born into the family of a prince. She began to be published in 1870. She depicted the life of the peasantry deprived of rights, the social contradictions in the Georgian countryside (the stories “Love Affair in Didikhevi,” 1881; “Kona,” 1881; and “Orena and Kuche,” 1883), the work of the rural intelligentsia (the novellas The Village Teacher, Gamardzhvebuli Niko, and others), the hard lot of women where there is social inequality (“Various Weddings,” 1881; the one-act play Deprived of Wings, 1912), and the degradation of the Georgian feudal aristocracy (the story “Benoir No. 3,” 1898). Gabashvili also wrote children’s stories, including “Magdana’s Gray Horse” and “The Mshieradze Family.” Toward the end of her life she published her memoirs.


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