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1. a hook or open notch in a rod or lever that drops over the spindle of a valve to form a temporary connection for operating the valve
2. a pointed tool used in masonry
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A social networking service similar to Twitter that was introduced in 2017. Like Parler, Gab features uncensored free speech and attracts conservative and alt-right members. In early 2021, after Amazon stopped hosting the Parler service, Gab membership increased dramatically. See alt-right, Parler and social networking service.

Speak Freely!
Gab emphasizes that its platform lets people say what is on their mind no matter how controversial.
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The cargo ships, leaving the port of Gabes, sail for several countries in East Asia, namely China, Singapore, Turkey as well as West Africa and other destinations.
Minister of Energy and Mining Hela Cheikhrouhou said in a statement to Mosaique Fm that work is continuing to study the of desalination of water project of the chemical group in Gabes.
In statements to TAP correspondent in Gabes, several officials and residents of the region expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with the chronic environmental situation.
Exports of geothermal early vegetables, cultivation specific to the delegation of El Hamma in the governorate of Gabes, have increased by 43% compared to last season, announced Hafedh Hamdi, officer responsible for extension and agricultural promotion at the Regional Agriculture Authority (CRDA) in Gabes.
This product in the vessel that docked in the port is destined to the cement plant in Gabes, a port source told TAP correspondent.
Departure of the train is scheduled at 6 am from the Tunis station to Gabes station, where the shuttle will continue by bus to reach Ben Guerdane at 15:35.
Work is continuing on four sections: Gabes - Kettana/Kettana - Mareth/Mareth - Koutine and Koutine - Medenine.
A meeting brought together heads of subsidiaries of American company "General Electric," academic and business leaders and regional services officers in Gabes to discuss the foundations and prospects for development in the governorate of Gabes and problems posed, including pollution and depletion of ground water resources.