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Another observed that the love of tulips agreed perfectly well with that of politics, and that it was proved in history that many very dangerous men were engaged in gardening, just as if it had been their profession, whilst really they occupied themselves with perfectly different concerns; witness Tarquin the Elder, who grew poppies at Gabii, and the Great Conde, who watered his carnations at the dungeon of Vincennes at the very moment when the former meditated his return to Rome, and the latter his escape from prison.
'Interactive scholarly work [such as the Gabii report] is the future and we have scholars wanting to create projects that expand the boundaries of the book,' he said.
These were among the additional highlights to this year's 'Gabii Sa Kabilin' or Heritage Night in Cebu on Friday, May 24.
Buntag-udto nako siya manawag, gabii pa gyud (Ever since their father died, I'm the one using his father's cellphone.
'Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarukatuh Selamat Malam, Maayong Gabii sa inyong tanan,' ConGen Napitupulu greeted his guests as he continued, 'I would like to personally express my sincere gratitude and high appreciation to all of you who accepted our invitation for this New Year.
The other finalists are Huli by Coco Oei, Whereabouts by Kyle Francisco, Kwentong Labi by Joey Singh, Sa Among Agwat (In Between Spaces) by Don Senoc, Mark and Lenny by Gio Potes, Old Thoughts in Tattered Paper by Mina Cruz, Nangungupahan (Who Rents There Now?) by Glenn Barit, Ang Lalaking May Regla sa Gitna ng Dagat by James Fajardo, Breakdown by Neil Gabriel Nanta, Flower Codec Lotus by Gio Lingao, Katong Gabii (That Night) by Jeremy Luke Bolatag, Kinalimutan Natin ang mga Bata by Gilb Baldoza, Next by Noah del Rosario, Palabas (A Country in Moving Pictures) by Arjanmar Rebeta, Pulangui by Bagane Fiola, Sa Gabing Tanging Liwanag ay Paniniwala (Belief as the Light in Darkness) by Francis Guillermo and Tembong by Shai Advincula.
Product quality is a leading factor and guiding principle for Gabii Chen.
El segundo ejemplar corresponde a una pieza documentada en el interior de una tumba en la necropolis de Gabii, que ha podido datarse en el s.
Among the topics are the archaeological background of the earliest graffiti and finds from Methone, from Gabii and Gordion to Eretria and Methone: the rise of the Greek alphabet, alphabets and dialects in the Euboean colonies of Sicily and Magna Graecia: what could have happened in Methone, and wine and the early history of the Greek alphabet: early Greek vase-inscriptions and the Symposion.