gabled roof

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gable roof

gable roof
A roof having a single slope on each side of a central ridge; usually with a gable at one or at both ends of the roof.
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They say the proposed new building, designed with a pitched and gabled roof and entrance porch, will be much more attractive than the existing pub.
The upscale building design will feature a brick and stucco finish with decorative windows and a gabled roof.
The town is filled with picturesque Arts and Crafts homes with gabled roof lines and front porches.
So, in consultation with landscape designer John Kenyon, they created a freestanding open-air version instead: A simple gabled roof with skylights rests on four columns to form a handsome sheltered outdoor room.
The building facade will boast a brick and stucco finish with decorative windows and a gabled roof.
He removed the flat Moot ceiling, replacing it with a ceiling at the full height of the gabled roof. Exposed roof beams add to the feeling of volume.
In keeping with the village's 350-year-old history, Hempstead Village Commons will be built using elements of colonial-style architecture, highlighted by a gabled roof and a red brick facade.
A gabled roof also distinguishes the entry (it runs perpendicular to the house's roof gable).